The best room in the house...

Is not necessarily the biggest, the brightest or the most expensive. It is somewhere that you feel happy, comfortable and makes you smile.

Every room at Anna's House has a story to tell. Named after cherished friends, they are spaces that are warm and inviting with their own individuality and character. From Jenkins, a large suite that could accommodate even a young family to Sherwood, a cosy retreat, perfect for a couples' escape. All rooms also enjoy access to our lovely hot tub. Perfect to while away an afternoon.

We hope that we have created that feeling that you have been given the keys to a special friends' countryside bolt-hole. A unique place, away from the normal 9-5 where you can press pause, recharge and reconnect with each other and the world around you.

All the more reason
to escape with us

When the coast is a little quieter there are many reasons to come and join us

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