The Hall Anna's House Hotel Thornham Norfolk

Here we hope to answer all of your most obvious frequently asked questions but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more…

Who is Anna? The house is named after the mysterious and lovely Anna who was so cherished that she was cared for in the deeds of the property in perpetuity.

What time is check-in? We are generally at Anna’s between 3pm and 5pm but if you would like to check-in after these times we can make arrangements .

Do you welcome children and babies? Absolutely but only in our Jenkins and Kilpatrick rooms which are ideal for this. Jenkins can accommodate two children under 10 or one child under 14 years of age. Kilpatrick can accommodate one child under 14 years of age. If your child is an infant under 18 moths of age sleeping in your travel cot then there is no charge. Older children are charged at £25 per night.

Can I bring a pet? We welcome a single pet (1 year old+) to stay in any of our ground floor rooms which have terraces. We do not host pets in either Sherwood or Newcome. All pets must be booked in prior to arrival. We have quite strict policies about pets on furnishing or being left alone so do check if that works for you

What happens with breakfast? There is a complimentary coffee bar with cappuccino machine etc at Anna’s house. There are 2 places that serve breakfast within a short walk and where you will receive a discount for breakfast including the Deli which is opposite Anna’s House.

How does the hot tub work at Anna’s? If you have booked directly with us either here or on the phone then you can book a complimentary 45 minute soak every day of your stay. The hot tub garden is open from late morning to early evening and bookings can be made after arrival. If you booked via a 3rd party agent platform then 45 minute sessions can still be booked at £10 per person.

Can I charge my car? Just pre-book an overnight charging session when you make your reservation. Overnight charging sessions are 49p per kWh with a minimum charge £12. You will need to bring leads for a commercial charger.

Do you have any information about days out and events etc? Yes loads! check-out our friends at and there are some direct links to there directly from this site.

How far is the beach? At Thornham you need to walk to the old harbour about 10 minutes away and then stride out to Holme Dunes beach. It could take half an hour or all day!.

I haven’t booked direct but it’s all the same right? You will still have a great stay but no it won’t be the same as if you booked direct.

Top tip? If you want the best choice of where to eat within walking distance especially in the summer months then book as early as you can.